A Closer Look At Renting A Porsche Macan

Jul 21, 2017 by

Driving a high end sports car is the dream of many people, however, many are unable to make such a dream a reality, because the cost of buying one is quite high. However, that doesn’t mean that you will be unable to drive one, since you can actually rent one of these vehicles from a car rental agency.

Now, not every car rental company has Porsche Macans and you will have to find rental companies that do. However, once you do, there are many ways that you can actually pay a much lower price to rent one than the rate that you initially receive. So, we will now take a closer look at a few of these tips so that you can drive your dream car, on a budget.

The first tip is to simply ask at the counter when you go to rent the vehicle. This seems like a strategy that is bound to fail, however, you’d be surprised at what you get if you simply ask for it.

If you ask for a discount, you may very well receive one and even if you don’t, you will probably be offered an upgrade or at least some other offer. If you are renting during the low season, then you will definitely get a discount since most car rental companies are trying to entice customers and get as many customers possible.

Another tip is to always book in advance and never try to rent a Porsche last minute. If you do, then you should expect to pay last minute prices which are generally two times the amount than you’d normally pay.

By booking the vehicle a few months in advance, you will actually save hundreds of dollars that can be spent elsewhere, or even booking an extra day to enjoy the vehicle for a longer time when you go to Dubai.

Thirdly, in order to save as much as possible, you should look for coupon codes online for the car rental companies you’re interested in using. These are surprisingly common and there is a good chance that you will find at least one that should give you a minimum of 5% off your entire bill. In many cases, you will find much more significant discounts, which you should take advantage of.

Whenever you are renting a vehicle, you should never select the option to have them pre-fill the vehicle with gas. This is a highly overpriced service and costs significantly more than if you went and bought the gas yourself. So, save yourself some money and locate a nearby gas station and fill up the car yourself.

Lastly, always be sure to have the car rental agent fully explain any fees and charges since many companies tend to add a lot of unnecessary ones. If you don’t understand something, never be afraid to speak up, since it can save you money.

In closing, we have just looked at a few tips to help you rent a Porsche Macan. These guidelines will not only help you to rent your dream car, but do so on a minimal budget.…

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The Best Places To Rent A Luxury Car in Dubai From

Jan 24, 2017 by

A trip to Dubai is like nothing else. Burj Khalifa is the famous 160-story sky scraper. To see it takes going to Dubai, and visiting the observation deck. Burj Al Arab looks something like a sailboat set on the water. It is a testament to architecture that serves as a super luxurious hotel. It’s known as a great place for honeymooners.

Of course, another exceptional sight is the Palm Islands. They are a feat of engineering and ingenuity all in and of themselves. They were created from sand by a lot of planning and effort.

Of the three planned islands, one is complete — Palm Jumeirah. Deira Island and Palm Jebel Ali will also be located on the Persian Gulf as well, when they are completed. Getting around in Dubai should also be all about the luxury so you should make some serious effort to find the best luxury car rental options in Dubai.

It’s a great way to check out a new model of vehicle that you may eventually want to purchase. Consider it an extended tryout or test drive.

In many other cases, it is a chance to cruise around Dubai in a car that you probably will never own, but would love to have. A $300,000 sports car is among the luxury offerings that many people seek when they book a trip to Dubai.

Whether you enjoy living in the lap of luxury at home and on vacation and on business, or this is the trip of a lifetime you deserve to get a luxury car rental in Dubai.

Finding Rentals

Rental cars are not all the same. The companies that rent them may have an older fleet or may skimp on maintenance. While offering a better deal, you might want to decide on going with the company that will not leave you stranded.

It’s more than just a matter of comparing quotes. Instead of going to rent a Bentley in London, find out what services the rental car companies offer, in addition to how committed they are to delivering excellence in customer service. The best companies will always have customer service available to answer phones. They will have something akin to roadside assistance and will be able to get you back on the road again quickly.

See if they will have you set up at the airport, or if you need someone to drop off a car to you. Many companies exist that offer up a variety of services. The cars need to be well-kept, clean, and in good operating order. The rental agencies take on this responsibility in addition to offering up excellent luxury models of cars.

On a special occasion like a honeymoon, choosing a luxury vehicle from Avis.com cars or Apex Luxury Car Hire means going all out. Get a convertible to enjoy the sun and warmth even more. Choose among the specialty sports cars with features you have never gotten to enjoy before. It’s a special place where luxury rentals are a  go-to vehicle. Find the best cars and the top rental agencies within Dubai to start your engine on a fabulous trip of a lifetime today.…

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